A Philosophical Reinterpretation of Philippine History in the Perspective of Friedrich Nietzsche


  • Glenn G. Pajares University of San Jose-Recoletos




Philippine history, Philosophical Reinterpretation, Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophy


The study explained and interpreted Philippine history using the main themes of
Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophy such as, Will to Power, the Uebermensch/superman, the Transvaluation of values, Master and Slave morality, Eternal recurrence, and tragedy. Further, this study employed qualitative interpretive analysis as method. Nietzsche’s philosophy emphasizes the role of the Will over reason as the most fundamental principle of human existence. The Will which he refers to as Will to Power is the impetus behind the
struggle for power, conquest, war, revolt, revolution and freedom. Similarly, the will to power gives the Filipinos the hope and courage to go through pain, suffering and despair. The assertion of Will to Power has produced the great men and women behind events of Philippine history. These supermen are responsible for the creation or the introduction of new values system, of reform and even of revolution (trans-valuation of values). The event of Philippine history follows a pattern of recurrence, the recurrence of colonization, war,
independence, pain, and corruption. The study also found out that Philippine history in general is a tragedy; it is a struggle against suffering and despair.

Author Biography

Glenn G. Pajares, University of San Jose-Recoletos

is a graduate of A.B. Classical Philosophy (cum laude) from Sacred Heart Seminary, Palo, Leyte in the year 2000. He finished his Master of Arts in Philosophy in 2002 from the University of San Carlos, Cebu City. He garnered the degree Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy from the same University in 2006. He is an assistant professor and the Chair of the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy of the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of San Jose-Recoletos from 2007 to the present. Currently, he is pursuing the degree Doctor of Arts in Literature and Communication at the Cebu Normal University.


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