The Tuba Culture in Leyte, Philippines




tuba culture, fermented wine, values formation, oral history


This research work centers on the culture of tuba, a fermented drink primarily composed of coconut sap and barok. This drink is commonly found in the province of Leyte, Philippines. Utilizing oral history coupled with related studies from reputable journals, this paper presents tuba as a beverage common and perfected in the province of Leyte, hence forms part Leyte's tangible culture. Further, this liquor, being a commodity, can be a source of income on the part of the mananggiti, the alpor, and anyone who wishes to sell it. This paper also narrates how tuba is valued as part of Leyte's culture, and tries to understand how tuba nurtures certain Filipino values. This paper concludes that this liquor is essential to the province's culture, hence, worthy to be documented and perpetuated by highlighting the need to elevate the value of the mananggiti.

Author Biography

Sheldon Ives G. Agaton, Eastern Visayas State University, Tacloban City, Philippines

Associate Professor III of the Social Sciences Department, Eastern Visayas State University


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