Mortality Analysis of Early COVID-19 Cases in the Philippines Based on Observed Demographic and Clinical Characteristics




subgroup susceptibility, exposure, length of hospitalization, survival analysis, vaccination program


This study aims to determine the demographic, epidemiologic, and clinical characteristics of COVID-19 cases that are highly susceptible to COVID-19 infection, with longer hospitalization and at higher risk of mortality and to provide insights that may be useful to assess the vaccination priority program and allocate hospital resources. Methods that were used include descriptive statistics, nonparametric analysis, and survival analysis. Results of the study reveal that women are more susceptible to infection while men are at risk of longer hospitalization and higher mortality. Significant risk factors to COVID-19 mortality are older age, male sex, difficulty breathing, and comorbidities like hypertension and diabetes. Patients with these combined symptoms should be considered for admission to the COVID-19 facility for proper management and care. Also, there is a significant delay in the testing and diagnosis of those who died, implying that timeliness in the testing and diagnosis of patients is crucial in patient survival.


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