Monday, May 20, 2024

Fr. Maspara’s Speech during the Launching of Recoletos Journals

How does one close a ceremony that launches something big, something that will affect the future, and perhaps inspire the creation of other projects and the publication of so many other works?

I may only tell you in words that will definitely fail to contain exactly how I feel, that I feel so proud of the work that we have done and accomplished through the years, leading us to this moment of launching these Recoletos Journals.

In the spirit of Caritas et Scientia, we, as institutions mandated and guided by the Recoletos charism, must be constant and vigilant in our mission of serving as light that illuminates the path to which our communities go.

Through the years, we have seen various societal forces that threaten the value of education and of research by putting the pursuit of academic excellence and intellectual discourse under shades of doubt.

We have seen the development of a culture of intellectual shaming pervading the social media and manifesting even in academic environments.

That we give importance to such works bound by ethics of scholarship, such as conducting researches, writing papers, and publishing them so more people may benefit from their merits, fills me with much pride and satisfaction.

It makes me feel proud that I work with colleagues who value academic scholarship and who do not cease to search for knowledge. We are an institution of perpetual learners.

Allow me, therefore, to extend my congratulations to all of you. It has been said that teachers and academicians touch the future. I should tell you; these publications that shall be read by current and future students, academicians shall definitely touch the future.

There is a sense of immortality in writing, in publishing your thoughts. Long after we are done with our mission, these journals shall introduce us to others, shall pass our thoughts to others.

Congratulations! Do also know that I so much appreciate the hardship that you were willing to go through in order for all of us to have reason to be in this gathering, in this moment.

I pledge to support all research endeavors not only of USJ-R but that of the entire Recoletos schools in the Philippines.

Thank you! Congratulations! Adelante!

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