Joint Manipulation Instruction in the Physical Therapy Curriculum of Select Philippine Higher Education Institutions


  • Lily Ann D. Bautista Silliman University
  • Andrei A. Altavas Physical Therapy Advancement Seminars
  • Cyflor E. Putong Silliman University
  • Romel V. Cabazor Velez College



Philippine physical therapy program, Philippine physical therapy HEI, manual therapy curriculum, manipulation, mobilization


The physical therapy graduate must possess the necessary competencies in manipulation as recommended by the World Confederation for Physical Therapy Guidelines for Entry-Level Education. This study aimed to investigate the inclusion of joint manipulation instruction in Philippine Physical Therapy Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and determine the factors affecting its implementation. A cross-sectional descriptive survey was used to collect data and analyze findings. The Department Heads of government recognized physical therapy schools were invited to participate in the study and thirty-five schools responded to the survey. Results showed that there was limited inclusion of manipulation in the physical therapy curriculum of select Philippine HEIs, with lesser application of the techniques in the spine as compared to the extremities. The respondents reported that the lack of qualified faculty in their respective institutions was the primary reason for the limited
inclusion of thrust manipulation in the curriculum.


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